Private Drum Making Workshop

Private Drum Making Workshop


Private Drum Making Workshops are held at Leon's home (193 East River Road, St. George Brant). Leon prepares the drum frame and rawhide then helps the customer make the drum. Leon can accommodate one to a maximum of five people. The finished drum remains at Leon's home for about four days until properly dried. A birthing ceremony is conducted upon pickup. The cost to make a drum varies per type and size of drum.  Buffalo, Deer or Cow Hand Drum:  14" $120, 16" $140, and 18" $160.  Moose Hand Drum (when available):  14" $140, 16" $160, 18" $180.  Pow Wow Drum:  18" $300, 22" $400, and 28" $500. The cost of private workshops that are held out of town include the price per drum as above plus an extra $20 per drum plus $0.50 per km. No HST.  A mallet is provided with each drum. To book a workshop, contact Margaret Fleury at or phone 519-442-4018.

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Purchase a premade 14" Buffalo, Deer or Cow Hand Drum for $140, 16" Hand Drum for $160, or an 18" Hand Drum for $180.  Premade Moose Hand Drums are 14" $160, 16" $180, and 18" $200.  Experience the thrill of making your own Hand Drum!  Private Drum Making Workshops may be booked for up to five people.  A 14" Hand Drum is $120, a 16" Hand Drum is $140 and an 18" Hand Drum is $160.  Choose from Buffalo, Cow, and Deer.  You select the skin.  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all private workshops are discontinued until further notice.  Premade drums can still be purchased.

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