Leon and Margaret Fleury

Leon started making his own hand drums and pow wow drums in 2009.  He gradually expanded his new-found skills to make crafts using wild turkey feathers, Canada Geese feathers, and deer antlers.  Leon has a wide selection of drums available where you can select a drum that "speaks to you."  For those who would prefer to make their own drum, Leon enjoys sharing his skills and expertise.  Leon is a Traditional Knowledge Keeper and a proud Metis citizen who holds a vast knowledge of natural herbal healing. 


Leon Fleury




Leon was born in Ville Marie, Quebec.  His grandparents were of French and Algonquin descent.  He discovered his Metis roots in 2002.  As he learned about his heritage, he taught himself how to make traditional Native drums, Medicine Bags and other Native crafts.  Leon is passionate about Herbal Healing and enjoys sharing information as a Traditional Knowledge Keeper.




Leon enjoys sharing his knowledge of drums and herbs with anyone interested in learning more about protecting Mother Earth.  The more we understand how we are intertwined with Nature, the better Stewards we will be.